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Selected Publications & Awards
Pebble Lake Review

     Kings Day 1965
Hail, Muse! etc.
     To my malevolence - I am Nightmare
Thin Air Magazine
     Imaginary Truths
     Dainty toes and decking
The Gihon River Review
     Little king of the salt marshes
   The apple man
   Aunt Maude's Window
   Precocity Pantoum

The Greater Lynchburg Guide
     The Feast of Hallowtide
Writer's Digest Poetry Award Collection
      Bone and Sinew

Fiction, Plays, and Articles
Hail, Muse! etc.

     Ethelred in the Land of Time (short fiction)
     Chasing Rainbows (stage play)
The Greater Lynchburg Guide
     More than 30 local interest articles, including:
          A Man and a Mill: The Legacy of Paul Graves
          The Last Man's Club: A Bond Between Comrades
          To Teach the Child: A Mission of Love
          A Positive Artistic Temperament
          A Walk Through the Stones
          The Seventh Child
          The Evolution of All-Hallow's Even
          Whispering through the Trees
          Gone Fishin'
          Shrimp Tales
          Clothing the Rolling Green Hills
  The Not-So-Stinky "Stinking Rose"

7th Annual Writer's Digest Poetry Competition, 2011
   Bone and Sinew

San Gabriel Writer's League Award, 2003
American Academy of Poets Prize, 2001
Aunt Maude's Window
Margaret Walker Memorial Poetry Prize, 2001
Aunt Maude's Window
Helen Calvert Ekphrasis Award, 2001
Alice Joins the Lobster Quadrille 
Excellence Award: A Brief Message from the Heart Contest, 2001
To Myself
Margaret I. Raynal Fiction Award, 2000 
The Word Collector

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